Celtic knot with ampersand

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Many of you know my fondness for letters and symbols and ornamental patterns with them. Here is a celtic knot pattern with ampersand symbol (&). The inner and the outer designs go in opposite directions. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Celtic knot with ampersand


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Nice pattern with good colors.

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looks different..let me try on the floor....

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nice pattern with a connecting( &) symbol.

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Wow Mohana sir what an imagination... very pretty... Laks even i was thinking of the same thing

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Cute and pretty "&" Kolam!

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Very cute design rao sir.


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Lovely interconnected & pattern....

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Nice and quite a different Pattern mOhanaji.

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WOW - this looks so beautiful - reminds me of the knots my son learnt when he was in school as a Scout..