celtic knot design

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I combined two designs into one and used bright colors for border.Feel free to tell real opinion so that I will correct.

Rangoli: celtic knot design


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Nice celtic pattern (I was also reminded of dna helix). Lovely celtic gummy worms at the center. Smile

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Wow...suba...lovely celtic patterns....

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Wow Suba awesome pattern dear... i would have loved dots in the pink colors though.

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Wow!!!!!wonderful pattern suba

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very nice suba mam

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very cute colourful kolam

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lovely!-suguna murugesan

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Thank you lata, rani, pushpa,veni, malar,Rekha and suguna.

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Thank you malar.

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Nice one, Suba mam


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Lovely centre design and colour shading.... the DNA helix border is pretty with an attractive colour combination!!

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azhagaana vadivangaldhaan aanaal
adikkavarum varnangaLdhaan
naduvil vuLLa vadivam
nandraaga irukkiradhu yendraalum
pasaipottu ottiya puzhuvendrey,
parppavargal parvaikku thondrum.
nalladhaaga solla oru vaarthai?aanh
naalu pakkamum irukkum poo.(yenakku naanay yezhudhikkonda kavidhai(?) yeppadi?

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Quite good. The 5x2 pattern is a sOnA pattern with a single line. Actually you could have joined all the four together to produce one with two lines. For the celtic knot, the button at the centre could have been removed. I would have gone with a lamp instead of the sun in the sky Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Very pretty pattern and also a cute kavithai....

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Lovely kolam so as your poem Smile

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Lovely centre design. very bright outer borders on four sides. The corner designs are pleasant and soothing. Overall a bright and striking kolam.

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aahaaaa arumayana vadivangal and arumayana kavithaipa suba....(very nice design and your poem also)

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Nice design Suba mam.

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lovely combo pattern, dear.

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How dare you Subashini, to tell the pretty design of my dear Suba, as pasted worms! Smile

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so sweet of you brindha.Don't you see lata's comment?

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Thankyou jkm,sowmya, vinci , padma,vasanthi, kameswari and brindha.