Carrot fun for Veggie patch

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About Carrot fun for Veggie patch : PRINT

Here is a collage with carrots of various hues. Enjoy!

The carrots used are:
horizontal first row - reddish purple and white
horizontal second row - yellowish white
vertical row - orange, purple and red

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Carrot fun for Veggie patch


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very beautiful arrangement...

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Interesting to see so many hues in carrots - never heard of them. As always the sun shape looks really attractive..

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JMK sir the second and third ones r ur usual patterns but the fourth one looks very interesting... dont know y when I was looking at it i felt like two people or puppets emerge from then hugging each other Smile

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pushpAjI, you're right. That (bottom right) is carrot ball room dancing Smile I am very satisfied with this particular one. If you look carefully at the bottom left, you'll see thick continuous white lines because of optical illusion.

Regards! - mOhana

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Dancing carrots are lovely. Would like to see a full page of this exclusive pattern.

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The ball room dancing carrots r really nice. Wonderful Mohanaji.

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My head is spinning like a top..What a creative thinking.. what an arrangement of carrots.. I too would like to dance along with the carrots..