Carpet rangoli

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It was raining the whole day so boring...thought drawing some indoor kolam...ended up with this..ur views and suggestions..


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Absolutely dumbstruck Lax -

Absolutely dumbstruck Lax - this bold orange carpet looks so wonderful and JKM has rightly termed it as rathna kambalam. In fact the design looks like it is lifted off the floor (looks 3D) as there is a shadow at the bottom and it looks as if it is ready to fly off somewhere!!! A W E S O M E Smile

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lovely carpet kolam

lovely carpet kolam lakshmi.very nice color combination.

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Yenna idhu chinna pulla

Yenna idhu chinna pulla thanama irruku (what is this so childish)... Ikolam kudumbam poi paithiyakara kudumbam agidum (it will become mad people family instead of ikolam family)... pichipuduven pichi

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GO GO Pushpa....soon reserve

GO GO Pushpa....soon reserve one seat not for u... only for that after treatment lakshmi will give good direct comments for my kolam and will never have d heart to compare my kolam with anything or everthing available in this world..hahaha

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pushpa pl..reserve one rani

pushpa pl..reserve one rani also other wise

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hi lat sudhamanij....thank

hi lat sudhamanij....thank you.......anirudh avare dhnyavadhagalu......he push ....thank u...what happened to you..100% conform i go to B'lore- 29.and reserve one for you and one for me okeyyyyy.....

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Laks, I dont like ur

Laks, I dont like ur kolam.... yes u heard me right, i dont know how all of these people gave u such wonderful comments... my good friend also told me this was not good at all and you know who that good friend is, her name is Lakshmi Devi/Lakshmiraghu but then u know what my dear good friend Laksmi I dont agree with u.... Even if i dont give comments here, the number of comments given to this kolam is self-explanatory... your mad or what, this is so so so so good. The colors, the execution, everything is wonderful and perfect... I told u take treatment, u never agree with me... at least now listen to me dear... he he Smile

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Super Super Super Super

super super super super super lakshmiavare.....trying to get upendra's movie symbol...looks like only lata can post pictures in comments Smile ....
hmmm...sogasaada rathnagambali haasiddira.... hege adaramele kulitukolluvudu antha yochane maadutiddene Smile (a beautiful carpet has been laid, wondering how to sit on it ) ...very beautiful gem studded carpet....thanks soooooooooooooooo much for sharing.

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What a great idea of filling

What a great idea of filling the backgroud with bright orange colour.Congrats

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It is simply superb.

It is simply superb.

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Fantastic work. Artistically

Fantastic work. Artistically done carpet with bright colors.

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it is sooooooooooo

it is sooooooooooo good......

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mOhanaji,heartfull of thanks

mOhanaji,heartfull of thanks for ur encouraging comments, hi friends many many thanks for ur lovely comments.

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Simply remarkable! While

Simply remarkable! While the curves add beauty to the central design, the gem-like dark colours enhance the beauty at the edges. I call it a ratna-kaMbaLa (carpet of gems). I am very glad you're trying novel designs in novel media.

Regards! - mOhana

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A different work, but very

A different work, but very very pleasing. looks like a colorful embroidery in an orange saree.

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Lovely carpet design with

Lovely carpet design with pleasing colours.

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Looks like real mat placed

Looks like real mat placed on the floor. Nice colours and this adds the effect.

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superb and gud one nice

superb and gud one nice colors super carpet

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eya catching , mind blowing

eya catching , mind blowing wk lax

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very bright&nice rangoli

very bright&nice rangoli

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wow!!!!!!!! lakshmi real

wow!!!!!!!! lakshmi real carpet madiri irukku. bright orange colour romba nalla irukku. I love this carpet.

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Excellent Carpet Rangoli. It

Excellent Carpet Rangoli. It looks as if its a real one. The filling and the design are very neat and fine execution.

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Wow!!!Excellent carpet

Wow!!!Excellent carpet rangoli,lakshmi.

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very beautiful floor mat

very beautiful floor mat design rangoli....loved your colour combination...get bored very often..

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Beautiful carpet..very

Beautiful carpet..very pretty small flowers..-Indira Sundar

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wah re wah ! lakshmi for a

wah re wah ! lakshmi for a movement i thought it was foot mat, great work.....

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thank you friends for ur

thank you friends for ur lovely comments......

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AWESOME Carpet !! is it a

AWESOME Carpet !! is it a flying one to visit our house too Smile:)
wonderful work Lakshmi !

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Thanks to rain for making

Thanks to rain for making Lakshmi try a bright carpet rangoli indoor!

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Beautiful orange colour

Beautiful orange colour carpet. Soooo soothing colour for eyes.

ammuchandhini's picture could u say u were not satisfied with this wonderful carpet rangoli...looks so refreshing (like a mirinda...hehe) in bright orange col....

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very nice lakshmi mam

very nice lakshmi mam

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Very nice Rangoli. Looks

Very nice Rangoli. Looks lovely.


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laks, very nice combination

laks, very nice combination of colors, very nice cute flowers