Cala lily's cousin lily

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Again, these flowers are done with paper. Mr. Rao, please excuse me for giving this title.

Rangoli: Cala lily's cousin lily


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Cala's cousin is so hot! Smile

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Even though most of the cala (actually the correct spelling is calla) lilies are white,
there are shades of red, pink and yellow varities too. Shown below are some photos -

red -

pink -

yellow and pink -

Regards! - mOhana

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hmmm looks nice.

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nice work

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Lata, Guntur molagaa maadhiri so spicy?

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Yes Rajamaji, guntur milagai and Habenero too! Smile

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In Kerala, we get very tiny chillies which are called Kaanthaari mulagu. Extremely hot.