Butterfly kolam

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About Butterfly kolam:

I put this kolam in my neighbour's house balcony.Please comment your views.This is a straight dot kolam. How is it ?

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Butterfly kolam


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pretty butterflies meena. , i must appreciate ur interest in drawing kolam even at frnds house, grt grt

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Looks like butterflies running around the flower....very nicely done and coloured....your white strokes are bright and thick...

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Nice colourful kolam. Butterflies looks very pretty.


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Lovely work. The butterfly wing's pattern looks nice. Good choice of colors with bold outlines.

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how many dots

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very beautiful kolam butterflies are cutee....wat is the dot count...??

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Iam extremely sorry for not mentioning the dot counts.This is straight dot kolam 10 dots 10rows.(10-10).Thanks for all giving nice comments .The outer design is extra its not included in the dot count.

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wow colourful butteries ready to fly away taking your kolam. very nice kolam and bright colour combination.

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Very beautiful kolam with colourful butterflies...

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Beautifully colored butterfly and flowers kolam... good work

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I love these lavender butterflies.

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Very nice butterfly kolam. Very cute n bright

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Good colours and a nice pattern.

Regards! - mOhana

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very nice
- sravanthi

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bright and beautiful rangoli.good colour combination.

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Bright and crisp rangoli!

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after a long break Meena is back with a bang - very pretty kolam...

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Beautiful butterflies and flowers.