Butterflies on flowers.

I put a butterfly rangoli for markazhi, i think this is suitable for the new ikolam theme.Is it correct latha, or i should create a new one?


madhu.. bflys are so sweet.. kolam looks so charm!

hai madhu...flying butterflies looks cool....

simple and cute flowers with flying butterfilies have added charm to the garden

very beautiful butterfly

very beautiful butterfly

Madhu your kolam is pretty and very neatly done. The leaves look really nice. Good symmetry too :)

The flowers, leaves and butterflies are very curvy and beautiful. Kolam looks nice with mild colours.

A very nice arrangement of butterflies and flowers. Good symmetry too. What are those black things? Regards! - mOhana

Butterfly kolam is very pretty and very nicely drawn as well

r Butterflies from thier side view looking great. The flowers and leaves are also stylish looking.Nice coloring also. ajamma