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About Butterflies : PRINT

I had made this butterfly dotted rangoli when someone special visited us recently.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Butterflies


preetiN's picture

Very cute and bright Smile

jayamohan's picture

Hi Diya, you have drawn and colored this design with great care and it has come out very well on floor! I'm sure the special guest appreciated all aspects of it!

Lata's picture

I guess from here onwards, you wouldn't need much of my guidance in choosing your colors Diya. You're doing a great job yourself. Smile
Jayaji, the guest didn't come to know who made it. The topic didn't come up. Smile

jkmrao's picture

I happened to be the guest. The hospitality was wonderful. Time passed by in a jiffy, thanks to everyone. The meal was so good that I did not eat much for the rest of the day, honest Smile I did observe the rangOli and so did my friend. In fact I thought it was a permanent fixture. I wanted to take a picture, but forgot in the hurry. Unfortunately, I did not know that it was you who drew it. Wonderful blue butterflies, diyA! In fact, I even remember sending your mother pictures of blue butterflies, probably for you, long ago!

Regards! - mOhana

jkmrao's picture

The flower did not know
but the butterfly touched it
and its heart is full
and did not allow another
to come near by

I am deeply touched by your gesture diyA! Please accept my best wishes.

Regards! - mOhana

Rajusree's picture

Wow beautiful Diya. Very welll drawn n colored. I'm glad that u're making kolams in ur vacation time. Vacation time right?

meera_r's picture

really nice one. The colors give this one extra character!

ammuchandhini's picture

wow diya...this is so cute....perfect strokes with perfect colours chosen...well done...

Lata's picture

Lakshmi2000, this is a 10x10, parallel style.

Padma, yes, this is vacation time, and school reopens only at the end of August. This is going to be one looooong vacation for us, since we aren't going anywhere Sad
But, we're also thankful for a couple of visits that we've had recently by very special people. Smile

Mohanaji, what can I say...time passed by so quickly that we still feel like there is something pending. Sort of a "not enough" or "do not want to let go" kind of a feeling. I mean, there was so much to say, but not enough time. This was a super-short visit Mohanaji, so please make it up by one more visit to CA some time soon. Smile

lakshmi2000's picture

very beautiful how many dots

anirudh's picture

wonderful welcome rangoli....nice coloring, i appericate your dedication and making it more perfect....keep going...hmm can I be the next guest Smile

Lata's picture

Sure, we would be delighted Anirudh. Smile

anirudh's picture

Thanks lata

nithyaashok's picture

Your guest might be pleased with your wonderful rangoli, the bright colours used, the way you have coloured, etc.. Very nice presentation

rajamma_2's picture

cute rangoli with bright coloring. I thought they are carrots! Oh! butterflies with charming blue wings and blinking red eyes. stuck inbetween round leaves? where are the flowers.? Your spl. guest must have noticed it but would not have guessed its made by ur tender hands.

brindhanagesh's picture

Very neat, cute and bright butterflies Diya. The colours are evenly spread so that it looks like painted one. உங்கள் சிறப்பு விருந்தினருக்கு கண்ணுக்கும் வயிற்றுக்கும் ஒரு சேர விருந்து படைத்து விட்டீர்கள் Smile

lakshmiraghu's picture

Diya , agree with what all said it.. my sincer apprection to this keep it.. good wor

Rajusree's picture

How abt visiting Florida for vacation?

Lata's picture

Florida sounds exciting, Padma. Maybe next year. We (Mani and I) don't get any time off this summer. We'd definitely try to meet you when we plan a Florida trip. Smile

gvidhya's picture

your colouring style is amazing Diya kuts!! very bold n bright!! Bflys luking awsm!!

dibbutn's picture

Wow Diya this is so beautiful dear and so neatly colored... in a few years ur going to outbeat many.. all the best

sreegiri's picture

nice butterfly kolam.

ushavenkatesh's picture

hello diya very nice and beautiful butterflies for the special guest (jkmrao) visited there... thanks for sharing.

sjnt's picture

Very well done Diya. U r graduating well to Rangoli. Nice gesture to welcome spl. guests.

Sarasp's picture

looks very cute


indira sundar's picture

Diya akka, very nice butterflies-Srenithy

judelined's picture

Great work Diya - you sure honoured your guest in your style which was lovely. Beautiful colours and neatly done - glad to see you becoming an expert soon Smile

akilandeswari's picture

well done diya.very nice kolam. great work.colour combination adai porumayaga potta azhaghu yellamey superb.keep it up.ippodan indha kolam parthen.very bright colours.god bless you.