Brinthy kolam

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This is not even inspirational, but purely a copy kolam of Brindha. She did it with kolapodi, i did with wet maavu. Thats all. This time I am just reproducing the kolams of ikolam experts.

Rangoli: Brinthy kolam


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aahaa jayanthy mam...sokkude ...izukkude unga maa kolam...nevermind even if its an inspirational one ...all d credit for a superb freehand design with lovely strokes goes to u and u only..

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Superb,jayanthi mam......attractive and eyecatching.

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Jayanthy mam, your kolam looks lovely and pleasing to my eyes. That too with wet maavu, how u r able to draw like this? Paint pannina madhiri irukku.


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Brndha mam oda kolam, adhanaala brinthy kolam nu peru vecheengala?


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Jayanthi maam what a beauty, picture perfect kolam drawn very neatly... loved this

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WoW, Jeyanthi Maam, Execellent work in wet maavu.. Simply superb... the dots size looks same at all places..
I was planning to steal Brindha Maam's Alpana work..

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Wow, very nice and beautiful, the strokes are so perfect, and lovely free hand design

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Jayanthi Mam!! Very good work. Excellent!!! very neatly executed

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BRIN [dha] + [jaya] NTHY kolam = Brinthy kolam.

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Superb,jayanthiji... lovely free hand design

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ஈ அடிச்சான் காபி கோலமா? (ee adichaan kaapi kolama?) But it is well copied and makes us to go search Brindha's gallery to see her original!

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Actually quite good, shining like a multifaceted diamond!

Regards! - mOhana

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very pretty, Jayanthy:) (Do you know my name is also Jaya Brindha:)))

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Sokkudhey manam Jayanthi this is such a wonderful creation of yours. Neat, perfect and a stunning beauty. Even though you have copied Brindha's pretty design, I love the way you have put it with such ease in wet maavu. Double sabash Smile

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wow beautiful excellent copy kolam. gud one.

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Soooooooo Beautiful and neat. Awesome Jayanthy.

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wow wonderfully copied. very pretty.

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unbelievable strokes with wet maavu.kalakkal kolam jayanthi.

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no probs, though copied, everyone has their own style.
now this kolam shows your style of art..
Nice share.

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very pretty, its perfectly done, so neat & clean...thanks for sharing

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Very beautiful Jayanthyji.. very neatly done..-Indira Sundar