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On the final day of school, we wanted to give something to the kids. We made a bookmark for each one. Everyone decorated according to their wish. I painted on them. Stuck a printout of their names, attached a tassle to the bookmark, and at last! the bookmarks are ready. It is done on black colour handmade paper.

Rangoli: Bookmarks


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Excellent personal gift idea. The names are very sweet.. Never heard of Thithikshaa..

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Good idea to make personal boomarks.
titikshA means patience, like kshamA.

Regards! - mOhana

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Oh. Thanks jkmrao for the explanation.
Giving like this meaningful and artic gifts will very useful to growing children.
Nice idea Jayanthi

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Thithikshaa- kekkave 'thithikkude'!

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so creative Smile