Bluebells - Padmashree

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Padmashree's bellflower kolam, the source of inspiration for the Bluebell mania page!

Rangoli: Bluebells - Padmashree


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Thank you for inspiring with your bluebells rangoli Padmashree. It was fun to create and to participate with so many creative minds. Smile

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Padmashree, nice to see the kolam which inspired the icons of ikolam:-).

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Inspiration sure is a spark, when kindled in the righteous manner, gives out Wonders that cant be impressed in words....... Thanks a lot, Padmashree Ma'am......

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Padma but for you we would not have seen so many different versions of the same kolam - thanks a ton for kindling the creativity in everyone Smile Is that your daughter - so cute Smile

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Actually I can see that Padma has also made a similar mistake Smile

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What happened to Lakshmi - I thought we'd get to see some bluebell lace :O

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Judy .. as I was little held up with personal problems... ........shall draw & upload the same later.; All entries have come out good.....

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hey, Judy,yes I did the same mistake .. the connecting lines from the inner bells to the outer not in the same order..ஈஅடிச்சான் காபி பண்ணி பாஸ் பண்ணீட்டேனே!
லக்ஷ்மி ஓங்க கோலம் என்ன ஆச்சு?
all others why didnot participate?Purni's colorpodi entry, Viji's art work kolam, Indra's embroidery kolam would have added charm to this. Even now not too late. Lata will be too happy to receive more different type of entries, I think
Jaya, yes I did not come for chat since my allotted time for seeing computer was restricted.But what prevented you atleast drawing in a paper in your own styleand sending it.U have the whole day for u to draw..சரியான lazy goose.

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hehe I like the way these two sisters are fighting with each other Blum 3

Yes Rajamma you found out the mistake - but actually in the kolam that you did on paper you did correctly - noticed that??

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Yes Judyji, after completion, i was wondering whether that could be a mistake, but it had comeout like a star in the center, and was looking good Smile hence left it like that.

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Thank you all for ur active participation. I just made that rangoli and u guys made me feel happy for that. Thanks for everyone who had done in a different way and added beauty to that Rangoli. Judy maa'm that's my son Srijan.

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Padma ma'am thanks a lot...
Because of ur kolam, we all enjoy all different style kolams.
ur kolam is cute..