Bluebells - JKM Rao

JKM Sir, great idea of using the original bluebells! You see, we don't have to go anywhere else to get an idea of what a bluebell looks like (it is not that commonly found). And, the magenta flowers, are these "4 o clock " flowers? Thank you so much for participating, and for a one of a kind submission. :)
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Thanks latAjI! I think 4 o'clock flowers have five petals. These are called clematis. Regards! - mOhana
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mOhanaji, with original bluebell and clematis flowers you have put a nice pookolam in photoshop.The blue and majentha color combination is super.!
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Mohanaji,very nice,with original blue bells and clematis.I got to see these original flowers for the first time thank you sir.:-)
Mon, 09/14/2009 - 21:03 Permalink
JKMji, Hats off to You...... Idea of using Original Flowers instead of Dots & Lines...... It sure is a very very excellent thought...... Your Unique Ways to Creation are truly Inspirational, Sir......
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cool mOhanaji, nice to see the real flowers.
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The 'REAL' kolam - a very novel creation as usual JKM - I love the shape of those magenta flowers, they are really pretty... Do bluebells and sangu pushpam belong to the same family??
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indira sundar
Original blue bell flowers and clematis flowers are beautiful in ur rangoli sir, Very good color combo... Very nice kolam. -Indira
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