Black roses

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About Black roses : PRINT

This is a doted roses rangoli. Dots for this rangoli is 15x8, in between dots.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Black roses


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What a statement! I think Pinky, and her neighbor friends are ready to do some "black magic" on us Smile

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Lata, Pinky & her friends wanted to do black magic and meet Lata in soon as possible !!!!

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Black roses!!.like in karate blackbelt, in rangoli also it is super.

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Lata in kids section the tamil good, I am also started learning Tamil from 2day.

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What do you mean "started learning tamil" Smile
Nice joke Lakshmi Madam! I know you speak very good tamizh, and besides, you're in don't need this kid section to help you with the language. Maybe you can teach me some things in Tamizh (you see, I never got a chance to learn tamil in school to read/write, because Hindi was my 2nd language throughout. Whatever I know, I'd to pick up myself along the way). So, I'm going to start bugging you to know more about not only tamizh, but also telugu and of course Kannada Smile

But, thanks for looking into it and commenting, atleast I know somebody is going to "see" them and give feedback :O

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Lata,believe me really i don't know read and write tamil.Yes i know telugu and kannda...