Bird of paradise

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One day I want to fly as a bird
to the edges of paradise
and look at the mud below
from the sky above
Will I still see the sea of sorrow
or the mountains of joy?
Will there be tears of sorrow in my one eye
and tears of joy in the other?
I know not.

But here are some patterns with the birds of paradise.

Enjoy! - mOhana

Rangoli: Bird of paradise


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I sat there for 20 minutes being speechless. I mean, given the time we had between yesterday night and today morning, the thought that has crossed my mind is; this is "ellunna ennai" to the extreme!
I...I'll continue my comment tomorrow, right now, I'm taking some time off to show Mani something.

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mOhanaji, I am speechless! your designs with the Bird of paradise or the beautiful poem which I have to admire first?

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mOhanji, after reading the poem ... rembered guinness book record shows when about nearly 100 people came down with parachute holding hands ...looking like this birds ..great work.

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The design at the top right looks complex and pretty! I'm sure it must've taken you a long time to get that one the way you wanted. The design at the top center somehow reminds me of pochampalli design (even though it is not exactly the same pattern). At a glance, the one at the bottom left, looks like a ring of fire balls, like the ones the magicians play with in a show, spinning it around. Your designs have a sparkling, shining touch to them! Literally! Smile