Big temple rangoli-1000 year celebration

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About Big temple rangoli-1000 year celebration : PRINT

my son caught this picture in a cellphone was drawn in peruvudayar kovil during 1000th year celebration

Rangoli: Big temple rangoli-1000 year celebration


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Wow!! beautiful!!! Just it is looking like a photograph

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Is this a rangoli or chalk-piece drawing? Great job. Usha, Thanks for sharing.

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spell bound.. no words to express.. Thanks for sharing


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Wow!! wonderful drawing...

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So divine.. Excellent..

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superb creation. All the features are very beautiful, at some places looks like a chalk-piece drawing but some places having the effect of kolapodi. thanks for the idea of capturing and sharing this wonderful art.

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thank you friends.this was drawn with kolapodi only. today i will go and capture another one and upload it.

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what an excellent work...all the features of the deities are so clear and minute...looks so real..thanks for sharing this ......

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wonderful drawingAll inute details well taken care of. A masterpiece/ thanks for sharing.

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wonderful art piece and excellent idea of capturing and sharing.Thank you usha madam.

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Thanks for sharing this pic,rare and remote oppurtunity for people away from Thanjavur to see such divine rangoli

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சிவா பார்வதியின் முகம் ரொம்பவும் சாந்தமான அழகுடன் ஜொலிக்கிறது. Tributes to the unknown creator of this rangoli and thanks to the known uploader. Thanks Usha 4 sharing.

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Amazing work - Usha very sweet of you to upload this for us also to enjoy - stunningly neat, details perfectly blended and attractively done Smile

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very nice

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Amazing work, Usha. Thank you for sharing it here. Smile

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no words to express i am really dumbstruck, excellent masterpeice, looks like a poster, so clear , so realistic, thanks usha for sharing

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thanks a lot for capturing this and sharing here usha mam...whoever has done this masterpiece...salute to them....

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Amazing work Usha....thank uuuuu

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What a master piece. so perfect . Awesome..........

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Superb I really appriciate your work

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Beutiful drawing.

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Wow!!! Look at the face of Lord Shiva and Parvathi... looks so magnetic, divine, and real... so wonderfully done... I loved this... tx to ur son... even though it was taken from a cellphone, the clarity is very good

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Superb,nodalu yeradu kannu saaladu.

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sudhamani maam, are you from bangalore, please let me know.

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wow......superb.thats awesome. It is definitely God's gift !!!