beginners kolam

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This special kolam is made for Dr.Rekha madam who is willing to learn chikku kolam. I made basic simple design and extended the kolam with same design.

Rangoli: beginners kolam


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Thanks for the collection mOhanaji.

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very nice collections!-suguna murugesan

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Nice demo kolams, Suba!

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Suba thank u very much for trying to teach this dubbu jerry .I will sincerely try to do this H.W nad the H.W given by our big tom(Rani).The design is very cute and the explanation is equally good i will start with 5 dots and then proced tothe next step given by u .Third one may be difficult but let me try

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Suba, u r lucky to be a Kolam Guru to a Doctor.

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nice kolam

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oh subha...what a kind friend you are...very nice demo Rekhaji..advance congrats (for that you are going to upload one small chikku kolam very soon..)

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Sorry Subashini, I overlooked the title and the kolam demo looked like mOhanaji's, a small confusion as my little one was nagging Smile Once again thanks for your demo.

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Nice collections subha mam. So nice of you to give a demo to our beginners.

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Excellent demo....

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very nice collections

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lovely explantion suba... very easy to learn ... i also understand....

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vinci , your sorry have to go to jkm sir.How dare you ? yennakku bayamaaga irukkiradhu.Thank you vinci, suguna, jaya, Rekha(hurry up, madam, more demos are waiting for you), Rajam(still I am a learner , I want to make her happy and help her.That's all. I know Guru is such a word that beyond my level.)alamelu, vasanthi,vijaysowmya, veni,lakshmi and jullien.

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Wow,....nice thought and creation suba....will be very useful for beginners...hmmm...rekha mam...r u ready...

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Suba, nice learning experience for the beginners thru your upload. That's the spirit of a good teacher.


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Jayamaam and maha touch wood i am really lucky to have such a nice teachers (Ammu and suba) who as taken aaath of teaching me the dotted(original )rangoli.Ammu and suba thank u for the pain u have taken to teach this useless jerry .do u know yesterday i had cough cold and fever .even then whole night i was trying to put the dotted kolam in the half awakened sleep .several time i decided i should stop thinking this and sleep comfortably but god promise i could not succeed

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"Try again try again till you reach the goal" remember the saying of the great soul Sri Vivekanada. Any how, AAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the best Dr.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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very nice kolam...