Beginner Kolams

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dots: 5 - 5

From my stock of kolams for beginners.

I want to share something here with everyone at this point. During our recent meet in Chennai Rajamma told us something interesting. She said that when she was staying in an apartment (with just about 2' space to draw a kolam) she had put a set of dots with paint which was permanent, so every morning all she had to do was just draw the kolam which was quite easy. With so many 5 - 5 dot kolams available here I am sure many of you can also do what Rajamma did.. Correctaa Rajamma??

Rangoli: Beginner Kolams


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dots 7 to 1. Rajammaji, nice idea.

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Good suggestion by both Rajammaji and Judyji!
Yes, it is indeed possible to do like this with chikku kOlams. (That is precisely why
I am doing the string kOlams with just 3X3 dots. Afterward I'll graduate to 4X4
kOlams.) The variety with 5X5 is quite considerable. In fact the larger kOlams are
just extensions of these basic patterns.

Regards! - mOhana

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Good idea for all - Thanks Rajammaji & Judy....

Now Rajammaji ...your idea will not workout for me ?? something new for me please ...
big thanks in advance.

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mmm..Judy nadathunga unga raajyatha!

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Lata the dots are actually 5 - 5 only - I just put that extra dot on the four sides to change the look of the kolam... JKM what you said is absolutely right there is so much variety you can derive from one set of dots - actually from a few basic kolams I made around 60 kolams in this set of 5 - 5 dots...

Thank you Lakshmi and Jaya...

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very nice kolam

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this is nice