Beginner Kolam

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dots: 8 - 8

More from my collection of small kolams for beginners and for small spaces too - lovely pots with fresh plants to decorate your front yard...

Rangoli: Beginner Kolam


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Beautifully made, and colored.
Judy, can you please forward this message to your sister? Just point her to this page (commenting in the old pages don't show up in recent comments, and so may not get anyone's attention. I just happen to run into your sister's comment that was posted on the 13th). Please read:
Thank you.

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Beautiful judy...

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Adu enna puduvidhamaana 'Ettu" endru Pacchai poovunga koodi pEsikkudhaa? Judy?

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thankyou judigaru, for teaching such a nice kolam