Beginner kolam

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Dots: 5(3) - 3

Small and simple kolam which is very easy to make.

Rangoli: Beginner kolam


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'Chic' kolam for beginners to try and for us to enjoy.

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very simple and nice

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very nice and interesting

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Looks like beaks Judy, very nice.

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vwey nice curves judy.

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Nice one, Judy ma'am... sure is cute & sharp.....

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Thank you Rajamma, Radha, Catherine, Lata, Lakshmi and Purni..

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simple and neat Judyji....may be we can turn them into ducks or birds

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very simple to see and good and also beautiful and nice to put in apartemnts

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yes revathi madam your comments is correct because i have already put in my home next to door. i am sorry madam have stolen your kolam without your permission.

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Judy mam, inda kolam partha ennaku pattu varudhu...

Enna parvai undan parvai edai melindhal inda pavai..... This kolam is like a blushing bride...

Small slender and beautiful.

Gowri Manohari Narayanan...

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Gowri, d-day count down aarambichachilla, inime inda maadiri paatellamdaan ninavukku varum! Happy dreaming!

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wow....inga niraya kolam irukunga...Ellarayum paaratutrathuku pala naala aagum pola iruku...kolam supera irukunga. sis loves tis one