Basic Designs

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Dear friends ...This is my submission based on the second design. I did this on a wooden plank. Presenting this very basic design for your views.

Rangoli: Basic Designs


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The basic design you have drawn so neatly in a different diamention. It looks very pretty with the good choice of colours. The simple decorations are very cute. You could have added some more designs to this.

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wow lovely star mat! nice colour combo!-suguna murugesan

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Faithful reproduction saumya ma'am! I also like the outer stitch-like decoration. Good colours. Nice attempt. By the way, how much time did you take to complete the pattern?

Regards! - mOhana

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hai sowmi sooooo beautifulda, nice colour combination the outer design is so pretty.

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Wow....exactly made original design sowmi...looks very very neat pa....looks like a perfect geometrical design pa....

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Sowmya, Beautiful and colourful presentation, dear. Nice colour combo.


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looks so neat, a pretty colorful tabletop

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Thank you my dear friends for your valuable comments.

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Beautifully reproduced the kolam with nice colouring Sowmi, The blue colour and the outer design (pattern) is looking great.

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The best thing I like about this design is the navy blue and orange color combination. Thank you so much for drawing those beautiful pentagons (almost looking like hexagons). The pentagons were the best part that attracted me to pick this design for reference, and that looks so pretty done in your style, Sowmya. The yellow dots and lines enhance the beauty of this whole arrangement. Smile

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Vow! It looks like a wall hanging woven in cloth with golden dots and woolen tussles!
Colorful design. Really superb Sowmya maam!
- PadmaKarthik

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simply superb....well chosen colors and perfectly drawn. only thing is the inner yellow lines on light green is not so visible....thanks for sharing

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ahaa, yenna oru color, yenna oru, so beautiful sowmya.

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ahaa, yenna oru color, yenna oru, so beautiful sowmya.