Basic Design Inspiration Rangoli

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Hi everybody,

This is my maiden attempt in making a free hand rangoli with reference to the second design (Right hand side). It reminds me of the proverb - Too may cooks spoil the broth. In the enthusiasm of creating a rangoli design, I feel that I have done too much of decoration to this. Anyhow, still wanted to share it with you all. Please let me know your comments.

Rangoli: Basic Design Inspiration Rangoli


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I cannot believe it is ur maiden attempt.. very beautiful.. outer layer gives a rich look ...-Indira Sundar

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Woooo...maha...of late u r giving me such interesting hw so beautiful this is...wait wait let me copy and then come back again for enjoying this again.....

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Maha,the first attempt is fantastic. I think u have mixed both the designs here, 2nd one in the centre then extension made with 1st design. Very neat drawing and decorations are too good.

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this looks detailed and tempting,, so cute maha

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this is very very beautiful maha. nice kolam gud one.

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Maha, your maiden attempt is an expertised one. Very nice decorations and good make up. The outermost small cute designs are too good.

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indeed a very rich design .very flawless drawing dear .hats off to u.Aapka mainath ranglahengi jab hamare tomji ese floor mei utarenghi our usmei rang barkar aapko thophe mei dengi

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very nice maha mam.

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enna azhakuu ethanai azhaku maha unthan kaivannam................ fantastic design dear....

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wow what a beautiful free hand kolam! extensions r awesome!-suguna murugesan

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Very very beautiful design Maha...this looks really neat and not congested as you feel. Looks like you are more inspired by Arabic designs as I can see them here and it not????

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Very beautiful and very creative.

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Thanks a lot Indira, Rani (please, I'm waiting to see ur floor version), Rajamma (is it so? Actually I didn't mix both the designs), Uma, Priya, Dr Rekha (yes, Rani will execute it on floor and will give life to my rangoli), Dr Malar, Julien, Suguna, Sowmya (actually those leafy designs more or less resembles arabic henna painting design) and Veena for your encouraging comments.
Now this gives me the confidence and enthusiasm to work on the first design too.


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Wow Maha dear, this is so good. It would have looked to good on ur red floor with wet maavu... Hmm miss that floor. I envy Rani mam cos she has so much space but i am glad too cos she will bring out this wonderful design on floor. Rani mam me too waiting eagerly for ur version.

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Pushpa, somehow I managed to do this paper version. But I don't dare to do this on floor, because the so called "Symmetry" which is more in demand, is the problem for me. Until now, I haven't done any free hand rangoli on floor.


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Maha, I guess both of us are sailing in the same boat. I too am so bad with symmetry. When u see the kolam i tried u will know. Hmm sniff sniff i am still so embarrassed by that yet uploaded it. Stupid me.

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Wow, peepal leaves or beetle leaves? What strong veins they have! Smile
Lovely work altogether.

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Thanks a lot Lata.


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Thanks a lot Bala for your encouraging comments.