Bangle hair style (Valayal jadai)

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I created this (valayal jadai) bangle hair style for my sister like friend's baby shower.
Cheers, Meenaranjani


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good work Meena :)

good work Meena Smile

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excellent idea!!itlooks very

excellent idea!!itlooks very nice.

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very nice jadai alangaram.

very nice jadai alangaram. mam.

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wow.. its very nice n

wow.. its very nice n different also ...........

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it very beautiful and nice

it very beautiful and nice also

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Nice idea! JaAaNu's

Nice idea! JaAaNu's suggestion make it still novel!

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Nice creative work. good

Nice creative work. good alankaaram. Why no bangles in the hand?

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This photo is taken as soon

This photo is taken as soon as i finish the hair style and wore the saree...before the baby shower Smile, thatz why no bangle... Thx for the comments Smile

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Wow, lovely banle jade.

Wow, lovely banle jade.

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its nice ...... But u never

its nice ...... But u never show how to make it yaarrrr !!!!

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Thx :) Its a simple hair

Thx Smile Its a simple hair style to do. I used my daughter's bangles, tie them in pairs and used Sticker tatoos (which i brought from india for my daughter) in between the bangles. Rest of the procedure as usual Smile

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Thanks for all the comments.

Thanks for all the comments. Thanks for the suggestion,JaAaNu - will try for someone Smile

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Nice bangle hair style

Nice bangle hair style

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u rok in every creative wk

u rok in every creative wk

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Beautiful jadai arangaram,

Beautiful jadai arangaram, saree color combo..

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wow...this is lovely....

wow...this is lovely....

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wow nice creation. viji

wow nice creation.

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Beautiful Jadai alangaram.

Beautiful Jadai alangaram.