Ayudha pooja rangoli

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I did this rangoli on the occasion of Ayudha pooja in our office. There were only three colours and utilized properly. Your comments please.


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Nice to see ur kolam after a

Nice to see ur kolam after a looong time Rajhitha....this is so lovely...I can't forget ur pc garlic kolam done for d veggie kolams...

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Lovely kolam with sober

Lovely kolam with sober colors...

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very nice ranjitha.....very

very nice ranjitha.....very neatly done. the strokes and the designs are uniform

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Nice and crisp.

Nice and crisp.

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very nice colour kolam.

very nice colour kolam.

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Your limited color rangoli

Your limited color rangoli is crisp!

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This is indeed very

This is indeed very beautiful! Simple, subdued colours, but superb in execution.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thanks lata, judy and all of

Thanks lata, judy and all of you. You are right! Judy, I am not able to put kolams in front of my house because of road repair and now it is done. I try to upload rangolis now onwards. Thanks once again

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Nice to see your submission

Nice to see your submission after a long time Rajitha - good colour combination - neatly done too Smile

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very nice kolam and the

very nice kolam and the colours are used excellently...

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Nice tricolor rangoli

Nice tricolor rangoli Rajitha

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Nice Rangoli Rajitha!!! Nice

Nice Rangoli Rajitha!!! Nice usage of colours

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Very nice colour rangoli.

Very nice colour rangoli. Efficient use of available colours.


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Rangoli looks pretty in

Rangoli looks pretty in yellow, orange and green Rajitha. You've made the best use of the colors in making a good looking design. Smile
(am tagging it wrong for the time being as a dotted kolam, just to make use of some space available in that "department". I'll change the tag to "freehand" before I make room for more tomorrow).