asymmetrical kolam

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a kolam posted by one of our members,inspired me to try this but it ended upin asymmetrical way,which i managed to finish with some outer designs.

Rangoli: asymmetrical kolam


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This is actually great! Turn it by 45 degrees (NW-SE or NE-SW direction). It is more beautiful then.

Regards! - mOhana

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Deepa this asymmetry also looking nice and different.Try in place of the lotus design continue the broken 4 lines and end it in a dot/ join then in a dot like a tail, and see the effect.

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The asymmetry itself has created a new dimension and looks good Deepaji so dont worry... it looks good as it is

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I like your asymmetry!

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beautiful......keep it up.deepaji

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Not to worry Deepa - your kolam looks lovely - as usual I love the way you draw your lotus....