ashta nagas

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I have designed this in photoshop , base & suggestions given by mOhanaji uncle and further help given by my mom.your comments and views please.....


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Its very nice, Pavan.....

Its very nice, Pavan..... the Nagas look very realistic and are bit scary too.. Colours used are totally mindblowing..... As a whole, it sure is Job welldone....

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Thank you all for your sweet

Thank you all for your sweet comments.

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Very beautiful Pavanji...

Very beautiful Pavanji... the creativity is excellent

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GOOD!very nice Pavan.

GOOD!very nice Pavan.

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Jaya I too thought they were

Jaya I too thought they were Nagalinga flowers - only after I read your comment I realised they were lamps... Pavan very creatively done....

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Nicely done, Pavan! The

Nicely done, Pavan! The lamps at the four corners of the square looked like 'nagalinga flowers' for me! I wish you take this as a concept for your next project!
I don't know why Rajamma is so much afraid of snake in spite of her 'janma nakshatra' being Ayilya -the star of Adisesha!

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very nice work and apt

very nice work and apt coloring. But it is slightly frightening too.

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Very nice attempt! I think

Very nice attempt! I think this picture may be in demand for worship Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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kalakera Pavan viji

kalakera Pavan

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Good attempt Pavan ,the grey

Good attempt Pavan ,the grey and red combination looks good