Ashoka Chakra Rangoli

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Filing it away in Gallery.

Rangoli: Ashoka Chakra Rangoli


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Very beautiful concept and always proud to be an INDIAN and always happy to see our flag...

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Looks beautiful.. Saras

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Lata, awesome chiku kolam for the wheel looks very beautiful.

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Wow Lata this is awesome pa... I am loving it.. enjoying the treat from Lata... tx Lata

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I love india.also our flags and mmmm also our friends.

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Padma Prakash

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hi lathakalaimani , super latha . ashoka chakara .it is very sutable for INDIPENDENCE DAY
I want draw it on INDEPENDENCE DAY .

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I can't wait to see your version of it. Please do upload it here for all of us to enjoy. Smile