Apartment Kolams

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About Apartment Kolams : PRINT

More from my collection of straight dots 5 - 5.. Easy reference for beginners...

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Apartment Kolams


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When it comes to grouping, I prefer this arrangement; where we group similar kolams together. In this page, we have all the 5/5 dotted kolams together. If we were to click on a 5x5 tag, this grouped image would be displayed with no extra kolams in this category, that do not belong in the page. For instance, in the following type of grouping -


there is a butterfly rangoli, and a peacock rangoli (with 2 more chiku kolams). If I tag it as a butterfly rangoli, then the whole image (with 4 individual images) is going to be "called" (when clicked on the tag called butterfly), and it would display the peacock rangoli, as well as the other chiku kolams too. If that's the case, we would have extra data flowing unnecessarily. Smile

How about not grouping kolams unless they are completely similar?

On a side note, the neon green stroke on the top right, and the neon blue on the bottom left are looking bright and pleasing! Would love to see more of those kind of strokes. Smile

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judy, i love your chikku kolams.

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Nice collection of chikku kolams judy..

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Nice set of chikkubukkus and thanx a lotttt.... waiting for u'r next set.

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its very easy and lovely
a gift for beginners like me... thanks mam

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Lata, this arrangement looks like the "Anjarai petti" kept in the kitchen( wherein we store all the Thadka/ thaalikkal saaamaans... Brinda brought this with her colorpodi for chennai meet)so when we need Anju/anju pulli kolam we can open this tag.

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Thanks friends for your appreciation Smile

Lata actually what you mentioned is correct - though it did strike me earlier, I just got busy grouping my kolams and rangolis on a daily basis (I have this habit of putting chikku kolams and rangolis on alternate days) that I did not realise until you mentioned it... Do you want me to re-group them for you??

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No no, please leave them they are. What I suggested is for the future. Smile

By the way Rajam madam, I like your anjarai petti comment. But, if you click on 5/5 tag, what we get is much more than what our anjara petti can offer (goes for a few pages, and many are grouped too). Smile

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can u send like butterfly rangoli kolams or peacock rangoli kolams like that different types of rangoli kolam i do not want chiku kolams

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Judy :0, I am speechless, and I hear Mani cackling from his study, as he just read this comment on his laptop!!!!! Smile

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For what its worth; my family members and I love your chiku kolams Judy, so it would be upto you to decide if you would like to stop making chiku kolams. We would understand, and we'll try to be strong Sad (boo hoo hoo)

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I was talking about Lakshmiji's comment about asking you to stop making chiku kolams Smile

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Which comment are you talking about Lata??

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I guessed it should be this Sad

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I'm sure I don't have to tell you not to think much of it. I'll see to it that it is not repeated (not by the same user at least).

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Chikku kolams are my life and it is almost like asking me to stop breathing... I would suffocate to death Lata..

Lakshmi2000 I suggest you just ignore my page when I upload chikku kolams, and look only when I upload rangolis if that suits you. I don't mean to be rude but to me KOLAM means CHIKKU and RANGOLI is RANGOLI, and when given a chance to choose between the two, my first love is KOLAM only..

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Kewl Lata - I have no probs at all - I was just joking with that sad smiley Smile

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Jude, don't stop to draw chikku kolam.It looks lovely.I envy to your chikku kolams . because I have no patience to draw chikku kolams.but I love them.Yours is unique chikku kolams.Jude never smile with sad.JUde means full of joy.

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Expecting more and more chikku kolams from u'r side that too in all 3 forms, beginner, intermediate and in advanced forms. Chikku kolams are the real form of kolams and we all love judelined chikku bukku lines.

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for me i prefer rangoli i donot know how 2 draw chiku kolams that why i say if it heard u means i am so sorry

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Hi JUdy, i too dont know to make the chikku kolams but i love them for their beautiful neli neli lines. THere is a special interest in yours because, you make it in a different way that a person, who is very new to the kolams can also draw them (because of the different colours used for different lines). We want all the 3 types of kolams (chikku, rangoli and ekolam) from you.
THe topmost left one is very attractive for me.

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Lakshmi2000 you never said anything to hurt me. You don't have to say sorry at all. My idea of drawing chikku ekolams with different colors (as Brindha mentioned) is for easy reference for those who don't know but would like to draw chikku kolams.. By seeing the different sections in different colours it will be very easy to draw a complicated kolam too... When I learnt how to draw chikku kolams I did not have this kind of guidance and learnt the hard way, so that is why I want to make it easy for others.. I appreciate the fact that each one has their own likes and dislikes but my sole motive is to tempt the younger generation to carry this wonderful treasure of a tradition down the line, hence this small attempt, which I feel I have been partly successful with so far.. I will definitely provide you with the kind of rangolis that you like too..

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Good work jUDIjI!

I define everything as a rangOli! I like the so-called chikku kOlams very much. Of course, my way of doing this is with strings which takes enormous time. First drawing, then correctly stringing, then stitching. To each - his or her own fancy. None has to give up one or the other. All paths lead to the beauty ultimate!

Regards! - mOhana

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Thank you for your comments JKM Smile

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all are awesome........ keep it up ya........ wonderful art.........

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nice set of kolams!! quite useful for a beginner like me Smile

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Some easy designs for a beginner to learn.Will help to learn.Hope to have some more of such designs.

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lovely kollams nice seeing something i can do after a long time.

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Kalyani V

very nice, beautiful it is very helpful for beginners like me

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Hi Judy,
Your kolams are very nice and helpful for beginners. Please keep sending in more of such kolams.
I was always little apprehensive on Chikku kolams. Thanks to you, i am confident now.
Looking forward to more of your kolams and rangolis.