Another new insight into sOnA patterns

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On the top right, we have a 3 x 4 single line sOnA pattern. On the left is a modification of this pattern. The dots (row1-col3), (row1-col4), (row2-col3), (row2-col4), (row3-col3), (row3-col4) have been separated and a new pattern (still single line) has been obtained. These are rotated by 90 degrees and joined together. The orientation of the top left is the same as the one exactly below it. Now as in any sOna square, we get two lines. But this pattern is similar to many of the chikku kOlams our friends draw and upload on the site. People who are looking for novel patterns may try this with bigger dot patterns like 5 rows and 6 columns and in that case we will have a 11 dot square. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Another new insight into sOnA patterns


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lovely creation....nice colours.i like the red line inter laced....

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your seven into seven dot kolam is attractive sir.I like it very much.

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Thanks a lot jkm sir for this new pattern....

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Nice creativity. THanks for giving us a new kolam.


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Beautiful insight. Very nice

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Nice pattern ....liked the colours which you have used...

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Lovely design.

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nice kolam

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lovely creations. The red color woven line resembles the paper clips,

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So lovely. JKM Sir what a creation. The red curvy lines are very attractive. If possible (if i find enough free time) i will try this. Thanks for a good kolam.

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Very nice one MOhana sir

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Nice creation.

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Nice Kolam I've just started .Still i've more to learn.

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Nice pattern and beautiful creation Sir.