Ananthana gantu rangoli

lakshmiraghu Sat, 10/18/2008 - 11:12
Thank you for the fast response Lakshmi, the rangoli looks so beautiful! Are there any rules about using certain colors (since this is for the anathana vratham), or could we use any colors?
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Lata ,usually five colours is sacred.iam sorry i did not have one more colour(black )five colours are to be used for all vratha rangolis. it is called(panchavarna rangolis)thank u so much lata.
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Dear Lata and Lakshmi, This is a beautiful Rangoli. One of my blog reader had asked for this rangoli. I will direct them here. Thanks so much.
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hello lakshmi this is just beautiful rangoli, can u please post traditional rangoli patterns like lakshmi paada, shankha chakra and lakshmi rangoli to draw in front of deity's in pooja room. thanks
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Artahi,thanks for ur interest as of now i hv already posted one rangoli it is available in my gallery page number 6-(Shri Ram)i will post some more. thank u
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anaga reddy
lakshmi it looks so beautiful!!!nice one
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priya rao
Wow!!!!!!!!it is very beautiful.. very bright also thanks for sharing with us
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Helo lakshmi very nice rangoli.iam searching this rangolifrom long time thank you madam sharing with us
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Lata madam iam searching this rangoli from long time thank you ,this is excelent is A KOLAM BANK!!
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Hi Padma, Thank you for your kind words. You said it right, it is a kolam bank because of all the members who take the time to share their beautiful creations! I can't wait to add your name to the gallery too Padma :)
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Wow!!!This is a beautiful Rangoli.iam speech less,no words to express.
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awesome lakshmi!!!there are lots to be learn t from this site .i should thank lata madam also for building such nice kolam family.
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lakshmi, i think you are expert in rangolis,my sister will also make very nice rangolis.But i dont know-Itried them many times but they didnt come out well .you are very much talented
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Sold it to me! Oh my god! I've been thinking that it was sold to Tasteofmysore, since she asked for it! Thank you so much, for selling it to me, I'll treasure this forever, I'm so happy! :)
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I am always reminded by the story of anaMtavrata. It has some relevance to rangOlis too. There was a learned brahmin who becomes a tree in a forest in his next birth. The reason for this is that while he was very wise, he never imparted his knowledge to others. All knowledge, including rangOlis, must be freely imparted and not kept secretive. Regards! - mOhana
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mOhanaji yes ur mum is telling same thing always. Whatever knowledge we have it should be shared/thought to others. Let noble thoughts come from all directions.
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by the way is this carpet for sale??? very pretty Lakshmi
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Lakshmi, Long back in my office kolam competition I have put similar rangoli and drawn small deepams on the lines ending and given the caption of the rangoli as "Ellellu belekali gnanadha jyothi( since it was a Kannada sanga program).As all our members expressed, Knowledge grows by sharing. See your nice rangoli evoked so many devine thoughts!
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