Advanced kolams

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This is a combination of some of my straight dotted pookolams which I had put for Marghazi.. The first and last are my personal favourites Smile

Rangoli: Advanced kolams


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I like them all Judy, can't help imagining the top-right with colors. Smile

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judy ,very beautiful to Lata..let me try one day...thank u for sharing this with us..

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I like the leafy pattern very much,Judy your lines are soo neat ,thin and beautiful.Th pollen coming out of the flower looks too real

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Judy maam I liked all your kolams but personal favorite is the top second and the bottom second one... novel idea of using leaf pattern

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The leafy design is very nice. the 4th dots not connected design is very very nice.

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Judy all the 4 kolams are excellent, I liked the second one because in normal course at first the centre portion is drawn square with straight line but you have give a curved looks which gives a leaf shape so this gives a grand look.

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all the kolams are very very beautiful. superb thanx for sharing judy

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Sorry friends only now I realised that I had already uploaded kolam no.4 as an individual submission named 'disconnected kolam'- sorry for the confusion Blum 3

Thanks Lata (wonder who will try it first?), Lakshmi (will you??), Sumathi (I too liked those pollen stems a lot), Pushpa (Judy please no mam, told you that before itself na), Rajamma (I thought you guessed I already uploaded that kolam before), Sudha (yes it was a novel idea of making those usual pinwheel shapes into leaves)...

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Thank you Alamelu Smile

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Nice judy.. The second one, leafy style kolam looks very stylish.. tnx for sharing

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Judy aunty, all four kolams look very pretty.

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Thanks Vidhya and Preeti for your comments Smile's picture

your kolams all are superb

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Thanks a lot Meena - nice of you to stop by and comment on my old kolams Smile

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dear judy mam your collections are really nice &needfull also i like it so much thanks for such nice collections

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I am glad to be of help Sadana Smile