Advanced kolams

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Another combination of four of my kolams..

Butterfly kolam - straight dots 12 (2 lines) ends with 2
Peacock kolam - straight dots 7 (2 lines) ends with 1
Chikku Kolams - interlaced dots 7 to 4 and 9 to 5

Rangoli: Advanced kolams


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very nice thks for giving the dots no

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Judy wow!!! all kolams looks very nice.hmmmm i like all kolams.butterflies looks sooo ...cute....

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Pretty peacock reflection kolam! Though it is not a mirror image, both identical!
Butterflies are very pleasant1

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Judy Ma'am, Hats Off to You!!!.... This Kolam Combo is really awesome....

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Peacock design is awesome, Judy what is the medium you are using to draw the design?

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The peacock is either getting ready to dance or is busy incubating! Smile
And, it is also admiring its reflection at the same time. All four kolams are beautiful Smile

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Thank you everyone for your lovely comments Smile

Lakshmi2000 - did not want to leave you guessing for the dot count you see...

Lakshmiraghu now I will expect to see butterflies flying all round in your next rangoli and thanks for your comment..

Yes Jaya they are not mirror reflection peacocks - tried it once but it was not as good as this one.. and Anita loves this butterfly kolam very much....

Purni waiting to see you decorate my peacock..

Sumathi I use the usual kolapodi mixed with a little rice flour and mine being a tar road the background is even and gives a good finish..

Actually I should say that the peacocks were getting ready to dance that day Lata, because it was quite cloudy when I put this kolam, but thank God it did not rain so I was able to click a picture for all of you could enjoy..

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and by the way the Peacock kolam is also one of my favourites Smile

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I forgot to mention that I love your section of the tar road also, it tends to give a neat finish, and has a nice shade of grey, which makes the kolams really pop out.

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Absolutely Lata - the different shades of grey depend on the light in the morning as the kolam comes up at around 5.45 or 6 am so depending on the sunrise the shades of grey differ everyday...

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very pretty...good mirroring peakcock.

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Judy Ma'am, I have a whole stock of my work yet to upload..... waiting for Lataji's signal.... My set of peacocks are also waiting to join the mela...... once they win all ur words, I would surprise you very soon.....

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Thank you Anirudh Smile

Lata why dont you signal to Purni soon - I am getting curious day by the day - can't wait for the surprise Smile

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Judy Ma'am, I wont rush up Lataji.... she is doing the most possible by her.... and the main reason for this wait is I get more ideas to improve my surprises.... Smile ... Lataji, its ok to take your own time and I assure you, you are doing the best by all means.....

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Purni, just so you know - there is only one kolam in the queue in your name (the revised Aval Vikatan's pattern). Feel free to take your time, and upload after I'm done uploading the last one too (should be in a day or two). Smile

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Lataji, I think the pending number wud be 4.... including the AV one....

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In that case, I think something is wrong, I see only one left - the AV one. How about you upload one tomorrow? Smile

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Ohh... its ok, no probs... would do it for sure.... but on Monday... weekends are my off from Laptop.... Smile

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Judy madam,
1 & 4 kolams new design, something new new new.....i like it
2 & 3 kolams old design, looking new new new.. ....i love it

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very nice the butterfly and the peacock kolams do u have something new like this can u send 2 us thks

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Thank you Radha...

Purni and Lata I dont mind waiting a bit..

Lakshmi2000 I have lots more new kolams and will definitely share them with you..

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all nice. I like peacock and butterfly kolams. It looks like butterflies are drawn with chalk. perfection in drawing the lines we want to learn from u, Judy.

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Wow Judy ma'am you kolams are so beautiful... I enjoyed the peacock a lot though.

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hi mam...i tried ur butterfly kolam with color ...i got good appreciation thnzxxxxxxxxxx a lot