Advanced Kambi Kolams - Chikku Kolams

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These kind of kolams excite me because it is a challenge to complete it without a single mistake.


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hai judy actually i had done

hai judy actually i had done the same kolam on one margazhi days shall upload it later anyways nice col combinated pc kolam with luv

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Nice Rangoli

Nice Rangoli

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Brindha Nagesh, calcutta

Brindha Nagesh, calcutta poy settle aaayaachaa?Kolam poda vasal perisaa irukkaa?

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Judy, I didn't know that you

Judy, I didn't know that you are an expert in Chikku kolam too. I envy people who make these without difficulty. My mom-in-law is also a specialist in this. But i am a playschool student.

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Thank you Lakshmi.. sjnt -

Thank you Lakshmi..

sjnt - your comment is so cute - thanks. I can also put these kolams without much problem but only a few of them from memory (like this one - - the rest of them I need to practice once before I put them - I love these kind of kolams very much.

Rajamma eppovam hehe comments - thanks a lot..

Viji I will surely put this kolam on the floor one of these days as you wish and upload for you to see - thanks..

JKM I agree with you when it comes to symmetry on colouring - actually Anita wanted me to change the colours of this kolam but I forgot to do so before uploading it. And my purpose of giving different colours is to show the different sections of these kind of complicated kolams - where one line starts and finishes is always difficult to identify by a newcomer - hence giving different colours makes it easy for them to discover how to put these kolams without much difficulty.. thanks for the suggestion anyway..

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Quite good. I would have

Quite good. I would have used the green colour for pink so that the four-fold
symmetry is preserved.

Regards! - mOhana

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Jude very nice. Rajamma

Jude very nice. Rajamma madams comment is super nice
Try putting on floor in original kolamavuu like Lakshmi

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Indha "chikkal kolam"

Indha "chikkal kolam" THillaana mohanaambal/Shanmugasundaram pole colorful aaga irukku.

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Waw! Real chikku bukku rail

Waw! Real chikku bukku rail going through hairpin bends. { May be the effect of recent Kedar - Badri yatra]. My mother should see this! She used to put these type of kolams so effortlessly, without any written reference, only from memory.

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Judy hmmm very nice

Judy hmmm very nice bbbiiiigggg kolam...different colours looks nice easy to learn.beautiful Judy.