Advanced chikku kolams

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About Advanced chikku kolams:

Here is another group of big chikku kolams that I put during Margazhi, but could not upload earlier. I feel the ones on the right are not neat enough as they were done in quite a hurry. The dot count is mentioned in each kolam. Experts waiting for your views please Smile

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Advanced chikku kolams


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Judy maam a lovely collection of chiku kolams and the ones on the right too seem beautiful... I dont have any one of the kolams you displayed ... the left top one is my favorite amongst these

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veru cute chikku kolams. naan onnu onna anupina neenga mothama anupugirirgale niyayama?hehe!!```````

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judy sorry very "veru" vaga marivittadhu.

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super mam really rocking

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hai judy thanks a lololot for giving so much chiku ones i don't have any of these thanks again

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Judy, its too good and looking very beautiful. How did you copy all the four to one file, using photoshop.The bottom left is looking more beautiful with one dot extra (as a drusti bottu on the left top)

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Wow! wonderful collection of sikku kolam, all the four are looking great and the one in the left bottom is really superb with thin lines

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Four dotted kolam are vary super excellent.

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Judy, naalum romba arumaya irukku. I donot have these in my collection. Your own chikkal created here?( Padma, bottom left kolam is not having extra drushti pottu, that is the dot slipped from the top line with the 4 dots.)

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ponga jude, expert kitta comment kettu yezhudhi yenna yezhadha vidama saiyareengalay.irundhalum naanum sollidaren, nalla, romba, romba nalla irukkunnu.

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Pretty and instructive!

Regards! - mOhana

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Very nice dotted kolams. I like the 3rd one a lot. Smile

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The mismatched files do not help us in categorizing the files dot-wise. I see that you've uploaded one more similar file 2 days ago. It would be nice if you could separate them as four different files, since all four have different dot counts. Smile
(Although we may have left some files untagged over a period of time, we always go back and work on them when ever possible).

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yamuna- pretty kolam

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Thank you Pushpa, Usha (did it actually for Lata's convenience but I seem to have made a mistake in grouping them correctly Sad - sorry about that Lata, will take immediate action to change my groups in future), Alamelu (please dont call me mam), Rani (yes this is a rare collection - I have lots like this), Padma (yes, photoshop only - just copy paste 4 kolams on one page and reduce the total image size - easy to store - and thanks for highlighting the drishti pottu), Nithya (that is personally my favourite too), Aparna, Rajam (actually yes, the top right and bottom two are deviations in design from some other kolams), Nandri Subashini, JKM, Lata (shall I change the grouping for this one and resend you? - will be careful in future) and Yamnua for all your lovely comments Smile

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No Judy, no need to resend this one. Actually, for my convenience I'm able to copy any image and show it elsewhere in the site without any problem, whether it is grouped or not. But for others, if they are looking for 12 dotted kolams, the faster option would be to click on the "12" dots tag they see from the tags on top of the image, and it would list images one below the other. For instance, if you click on Mrs.Mangala's "12dots" image (posted yesterday), it would've listed your 12 dotted image too, if it were separate and tagged appropriately. I plan on showing your 12 dotted kolam and Mrs.Mangala's similar kolam next to each other, under just for fun. Smile

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judy lovely chikku kolams..let me try on the floor...i like all 4

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Chikku kolams are like puzzles. I finally completed all the four (above). It was quite a challenge. Lata says, u have uploaded more, just waiting for those...

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Judy lovely chikku kolam and a rare collection very nice to see.

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These are so very neat Judy aunty. I've starting to try out some of these chikku kolams too... Smile I'll let you know how it goes Biggrin

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Romba azhagu, Judy! All these done on kitchen platform?

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very neat and sweet sikku kolams Judy ji-Indira

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Thank you Lakshmi. Got it Lata Smile Thanks Naveena, Sudha, Preeti, Jaya (not kitchen platform, it is the road outside my house), and Indira for your sweet comments Smile