Aadi velli kolam-4

Rajusree Mon, 08/23/2010 - 09:19
wonderful padma...now-a-days ur kavi kolams r much cuter....
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btw...i am damn curious about one thing...going by d place where u live where u don't see this art in all houses...do d people going by d roadside or pavements stop for a sec to have a glance at ur kolam...or is ur kolam area far from d road....just curious to know thats all....
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Enchanting kolam... Admire your well defined double strokes which I long to master.(Miles to go..) Kaavi not much not less makes the kolam more elegant.. The curls on the border look cute.. ஆர்பாட்டமில்லாமல் மின்னும் அழகு...
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Padma you are really surprising me with such wonderful kolams - and this one is extremely pretty and neat. I think you said you roast the rice flour to make it easy to put na?? and you seem to be using a lot of food colour for your kaavi, unless someone has sent you some kaavi. Rani has voiced something I have been wanting to ask you for a long time. Also another thing that I want to know is about the floor. Looks like a cemented background - is it so or is it some kind of paveway?? I love this kolam very much :)
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Padma Prakash
Rajusree, lovely design and good presentation. except few double line perfection, the kolam is really beautiful.
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Thank u all for the encouraging comments. Padmasree.
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Such a nice and perfect kolam, Rajusree! I like your double strokes very much and the kaavi also. As Vinci said, Arpaattamilladha azhagu!
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The design, inner cross lines, the curls and the triround outer design all make me think that I have made this kolam. I use these decorations very often, so happy to know u r also have the same taste. rajamma
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