Aadi Perukku kolam

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a special kolam on aadi perukku.As Judy and Lata mam pointed out,i tried to position it a little away from the grass,but the small ditch created by our neighbours car [in the topmost left side seen]was such that i could not manage the space structure!sorry all!next time i would surely plain the area and do symmetrical kolams

Rangoli: Aadi Perukku kolam


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Sorry Deepa, I didn't know about the lack of space. Now that I know, I think what you had created in the given amount of space is really commendable! We now realize why your rangolis are always kissing the grass! Smile

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Very beautiful kolam ma'am and have done a great work in the limited space ... keep it up.

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Deepa, ur kolam looks like a Bride in a Goonghat. We can enjoy this unsymmetry also.

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hare...wowo....fair + lovely kolam...super...

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So sweet of you to try and take our suggestion Deepa - but no worries we understand Smile Each of your kolams are splendid and unique - I just love the lotuses on the two (of the four corners that are visible) corners - slender and sleek...

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thanks all,i even tried putting stones to border after putting kolam.no use,sometimes i see my kolam cut into 2 halves by a tyre mark after just half an hour.i feel like crying!but its a common road of just 20 feet,i can only regret!

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One suggestion, if you don't mind. In the same area, can you draw a scaled down version of the rangOli you want to draw. When you take a picture, you can always magnify it. I like your paDikOlams. They inspire me quite a lot.

Regards! - mOhana

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Treditional and beautiful kolam.

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Very intricate work,keep it up

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excelent kolam....keep itup.

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Your kolams are eternal in ikolam!

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Its really Awesome, Deepa Ma'am.....