Aadi friday special !

deepa ram's picture

this is a special kolam on aadi month first friday,with my pink kaavi being replaced

Rangoli: Aadi friday special !


Lata's picture

This new color looks like a blend between maroon and magenta. Pretty design, but, looks like the design could've been shifted up a little, to give more room at the bottom near the grass area. Smile

lakshmiraghu's picture

Deepaji.. beautiful design .. dots in the centre makes different look.

rajamma_2's picture

Deepa, this design is very close to all padikolams, but ur outer border and pink coloring give a different look to it.

jkmrao's picture

Quite nice paDikOlam! Nice ornamentation at the exterior.

Regards! - mOhana

radpri's picture

wow.. cutega & neatga chaala andhangaundi deepaji ....

judelined's picture

Very very pretty Deepa, but like Lata said please move your kolams a little forward next time so we can get the full view.. I actually wanted to tell you earlier but it slipped my mind..

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Nice kolam deepaji...

anirudh's picture

pretty nice design...the border gives more enhancement to the base padiKolam....thanks for sharing.

Purni's picture

Awesome Deepa Ma'am.... I love the details of the design.... its totally mindblowing....

jayamohan's picture

Oh! Deepa, you have shifted to a deep majantha color instead of your pretty pink? This too is nice!