A rangOli with 1 to 15 dots (8X8 dots) - 4

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Here is a rangOli with 1 to 15 dots or 8x8 dots in my scheme. This is nothing but four 3x2 sOnA patterns at 90 degrees joined together so that we have two lines. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: A rangOli with 1 to 15 dots (8X8 dots) - 4


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Lovely pattern sir

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Wow....such a nice pattern jkm sir...if done with double strokes and tried on d floor it would look ravishing....i like those square dots....

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Lovely work and I like this.

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Lovely work JKM sir


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Wow JKM sir, this is a pretty chikku kolam.

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Excellent kolam!!!!

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Lovely pattern which is also simple to put withour much confusions.

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Rao sir nice pattern and nice profile picture too.How many years back u have clicked this photo?...jerry run.nnnnnnnnnn..

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Beautiful pattern Sir! As Rani said it would look more beautiful if tried on floor.

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Excellent double strokes kolam JKM sir. The colour combination and dots are too good.

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different patter sir.

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lovely creation......looks very nice

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Pretty different pattern Sir.-Indira Sundar

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pretty pattern with nice colours, Sir.

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nice and gud one

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wow lovely white background n nice pattern!-suguna murugesan

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Very pretty design, Sir...

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This rangoli became easy after applying the formula you have given. Thanks a lot.
regards ..sudhamani.