A kolam

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About A kolam:

Hi Friends,
This free hand kolam is for you....
I think it will be more beautiful with kaavi color...

Rangoli: A  kolam


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Waw Indra, what a stylish stroke play! Slight deviation from the normal way of putting the design is looking great.

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Indra maam awesome this looks so simple but only people like me who struggle with this know how well you have drawn... the black background adds to beauty to this already beautiful kolam

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Traditional kolam with noval additions! Very nice!

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simply superb Indiraji.

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Kolam kaiyala potingala illa granite la pathichingala? wow.. excellent indira!!

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Indira this is too good to be true - while many are using the kuzhil you have played it with your fingers - great work and very neatly done too (after a long time I am seeing your granite)

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Wow beatiful Indiraji! I like the cute lit' flowers in the middle and the whole kolam has been done very neatly..


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Excellent indira maam, casually drawn yet it looks very grand with those tiny flowers in the centre

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very nice.The lines are even and neat.

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That looks really nice with pretty strokes. Unique design.

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it looks crispy!!

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Great Indra, as Vidhya told, this looks like engraved kolam. Very neat and beautifully done.

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vary nice kolam mam .simply super.

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My heartfull thanks to all..-Indira