A breakthrough in the sOnA rangOli with borders

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This rangOli has reference to my blog http://www.ikolam.com/node/19696 . In it I mentioned that if the number of dots in the row or column is even, then it is not possible to connect it to the border through the middle point. I was thinking about a solution to this problem. The answer is simple. In such a case, connect not the middle point as in the odd case, but two middle points in the even case to the borders. Then we get connections to the border from all sides and still we have only a single line. A real breakthrough Smile Here is an example for a 6 x 5 sOnA pattern. The whole pattern including the borders have 10 x 9 dots. The sOnA pattern itself is indicated in red and the connections as well as the outer border are drawn in pink. Even if the colours are different, the whole pattern consists of just one line. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: A breakthrough in the sOnA rangOli with borders


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Thanks jkm sir for a new pattern ...nice looking in pink and red..

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Nice pattern JKM Sir.

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Lovely design sir

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Nice pattern with two colours. Thanks for the brief write-up on the kolam which has helped me to learn from this design.

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nice pattern!-suguna murugesan

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Beautiful work Mohana sir, looks like u used double strokes for the pattern Smile

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nice wk

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another good design - thanks a lot JKM

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Very nice pattern,sir

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Such a Lovely pattern!

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beautiful creation.nice colours.

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very nice looking pattern with pretty colors:)

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This 6/5 dotted kolam well connected with the border.... nice ,must explore this leisurely!