5-3 dots kolam

smahalakshmi Mon, 05/09/2011 - 23:03
Dr.Rekha Shetty

I understood ur kutty kolam slowly i am gaining the confidence of doing chikku kolam .Very cute kolam dear
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Thanks a lot Rani mam, Padma, Suguna, Dr Rekha (soon upload your chikku kolam dear. What happened to your HW given by Rani mam) and julien for your sweet comments. Mahalakshmi
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Dr.Rekha Shetty

Maha rani maa'ms HW is little difficult but i have made one simple kolam combination of ur this kolam and suba’ s 2x2 dots .it is in paper i could not find my rangoli powder which my hero has kept in go dawn .If u want to comment then i will upload it .Sorry if i have done injustices to ur kolam .This is my first real attempt(otherwise only in dream I try) .Hope u friends encourage me
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Dr.Rekha Shetty

Maha i uploaded my first ever attempt done in paper with the use of simple pesb made with the help of ur this kolam and suba's (2x2).please forgive if i have spiled ur concept.This is done just now for u friends suggestion
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Dr Rekha, Congrats on your first upload of chikku kolam. Hope we will be able to see it tomorrow. No matter however it is. No need to seek apology from any one of us. You have done it in your way and am sure u will improve it by practise. When I was in 11th standard, i had a chapter in English (Don't remember the name of the chapter right now), a biography of the Olympic Champion Jesse Owens. In that chapter, we have read about the theory of Olympics, which I use to remember always and tell to myself - "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well." As a friend, I would ask u also to remember this theory always in whatever effort you take in your life. So even if you don't succeed, you will have the satisfaction that you took part in that. All the best. Mahalakshmi
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Dr.Rekha Shetty

Maha from core of my heart i thank u .I needed this lesson very badly as i informed before i had sleepless nights together in failing to do even 3xi chikku kolam .Today at least i can say that i can try to do small ,small dotted kolams.I will always remember this theory and never give it up without trying till my last effort. Once again thank u dear (the kolam what i have done in piece of paper may make some of u to laugh at me but frankly speeaking i enjoyed doing it ).Let’s hope that Lata will publish it .And be ready for tomorrows quiz Okay
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oh! maha...what a good friend you are pa... As you said, nobody has born as an expert... Dr. Rekhaji, how a born baby grows day by day by absorbing and practicing things from her mother's activities, likewise everything we do by practice only, its all step by step improvement only na, I am a very small person to tell you. (Anyway, eeeeeeeeagerly awaiting to see your fiiiiirrrrssst upload)
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Dr.Rekha Shetty

Thank u vasanthi for encouraging me before seeing my ugly ducky kolam ah ah .Aaj Jerry kush huva
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Hello Maha Your kolams are extremely beautiful... the strokes are lovely and I just keep admiring the kolams for hours... it would really help if a step by step preview is made available on this site for the dotted kolams.... i sometimes get lost in the maze of the dots...
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Dear Deepa Venkat, Thanks a lot for visiting my gallery and viewing my kolams. In the I-Kolam home page itself, u can see a section called Tutorials. You will be able to see animated version of some chikku kolams which was done by our Lata. U can also go to her gallery and view her uploads. Most of her kolams are of tutorial basis only. Mahalakshmi
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