4 - 4 kolam with parallel dots

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About 4 - 4 kolam with parallel dots :

4 - 4 : kolam with parallel dotsThis kolam has 4 rows of 4 dots each.

4 x 4
Dotted kolam


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hi latha madam,

i like all ur kolams very much (small & big kolams).

i want more collections of small kolams coz, im a beginner.

Will u help me fr this.


waiting fr ur reply..

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Hi Lakshmi maam, on Lata's behalf I will answer your question as Lata might not be able to see all comments, if she does it is well and good dear. Until then let me try to guide you. You can go to the left hand top corner of the main page and there you will find the option "Rangoli", under that "by skill level". click on that and it will show a page with beginners kolam. You can also go to right hand top corner of the website and you will see a search option. You can type "beginners" there and do search and that will also yield many options for beginners. Hope this is helpful dear. Happy kolam making Smile Smile

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hi can anybody help me in finding out sankranthi muggu in dots and covers haridasu,cow,charuku etc

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Hi priyarajini ji....please view this link..for sankranthi muggu...