21-1 - Dotted Kolam

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Please click on the blue button at the bottom of the dot-grid to start the animation.


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hi, you have shown it so well. Keep it up.

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Jus for info of the viewers...you can view the animation only if you sign in..

Good work Madam!!!

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madam really so good.
my hearty appreciations to you.

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Hi Lata: I have never attempted this type but i dared to attempt for this sankranti. In fact i have put this for Bhogi and believe me, it was so confusing and added to that it was in the early hrs ie., at 4 am in the morning. I struggled a lot and finally at 5:30 am i finished it successfully. At that time i thought i should never attempt this but then after finishing the kolam, it was amazing to look at. Thank you for giving us this wonderful kolam. Pl keep updating. As mentioned by you, i shall constantly log in and see your account. Happy pongal, though belated. bye, vani



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Excellent lata, i will really try this one and i will upload sooner.

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nice mam.. we an also use the middle part alone on fridays-yamuna