15 dots kolam

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the following is a 15 dots design. it is very simple. i drew it using ms paint and decoated using adobe potoshop.

Rangoli:  15 dots kolam


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This is a beautifully drawn 15x8 dotted kolam. The next time you try such a kolam, please plan some symmetry as far as the colors are concerned. Also, position the kolam in the center of the background, and chop off the excess space around. Smile

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Taking another look here; are the dots placed correctly at the center line (left side)?
Here is another design of the same dot count, that looks like this one.:


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Does anyone have this particular design in their collections/notebooks? I remember seeing this design made with 14x7 (interlaced). Does anyone have some variations? Smile

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Hi lata, I have this in my rangoli books. Dots are same but instead of straight lines, i have drawn like flowers and leaves around. and in the same dots i have a different design if possible i will upload shortly.

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Just a quick note. This pattern is actually interesting. There is a skewing of the perfect pattern. This shearing can be done either to the left or to the right (in this one the bottom is moved to the left and top to the right). Colourwise, there is a particular thing that is interesting in this. The reversal of colours for the patterns related by 180 deg rotation is noteworthy. If a graph paper with dots had been used, the rangOli would have turned out more perfectly. ( By the way, the skewing of patterns like this was done by me in one of my moodles http://www.ikolam.com/node/7407?p=1930 )

Regards! - mOhana

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Thanks for the explanation Mohanaji. I guess the skewing explains the interesting twist in the overall look. I think this pattern with the 14-7 dot grid gives the straight forward look for the kolam. It would be interesting to see the 15 dotted skewed version right next to the straightforward 14 dotted version, to see the difference. Maybe I can work on it. Smile

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Lovely bright colors and cute kolam

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Hi Priya, the rangoli is good and nicely done with MS Paint. Next time maintain symmetry ok. All the best.

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nice one.

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If you are using adobe for decorating then I think you can use for drawing too - it will come out much better - try and see next time Priya. This is a good attempt Smile

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good design with bright and bold colours.

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Beautiful. your colouring pattren is different.Nice.