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Rangoli: Rainbow Fan
This rangoli was published on 2012-01-27.
Rangoli: margazhi rangoli

This is one of my margazhi kolams. This i made in my mother's house at Avadi.
Mayil kolam free hand.

Rangoli:  Tricolour Terrece kolam

Very rarely I use my terrece for kolam, though spacious ,wind does not allow me to put podikkolam. Due to the slop it is little difficult to put wet maavu kolam also. But today I tried this kolam and colored it with green and orange to suit Republic day.
wet rise maavu with food liguid colours are used .

Rangoli: Mattu Pongal Kolam

Cow and sugarcane was a freehand drawing with designed kolam

Rangoli: margazhi kolam

thie fre hand kolam drawn on margazhi month. your suggestion pl.

Rangoli: Pongal kolam
This rangoli was published on 2012-01-22.
Rangoli: pongal kolam

hello friends this kolam was done by me and my daughter helped me in coloring it took 4 hours to complete pls give me ur comments

Rangoli: Freehand rangoli

After along time iam uploading my kolam. This was drawn on
first day of marghazhi month.pls let me know all ur comments

Rangoli: Margazhi

Drew this rangoli downstairs of our apt building for pongal. As you all can see, it is a "kalappu"! of all ikolam rangolis!. For people like me who are not that much creative, this site is a boon. So many rangolis and kolams to mix and match! Thank you all sisters of ikolam. Happy pongal to all of you

Rangoli: Freehand kolam

HI friends,
this freehand design also drawn at my mom's house during Margazhi festival time. Your views.