Rangoli of the day

Rangoli: Dotted Kolam

Hai to all...hope u like this dotted kolam done by me recently..how hard I tried was not able to put straight lines with even strokes...eagerly waiting for ur views....

Rangoli: inspiration 3

hai frnz,
this is another inspirational rangoli from our sugus diwali contest mat,,, it was a rainy morning,so i did it in my verandah

Rangoli: Photoshop Rangoli

This is a dotted kolam done using photoshop. Dot count is 15-8 interlaced. Hope you like it.

Rangoli: sikku kolam 33

very easy to draw and simple design was made and then I add some extension of free hand design.

Rangoli: diwali

This is a freehand rangoli...I have seen rangolis posted on this site.All so beautiful.Done with passion& so perfect.It reflects the mindset of people who made them & they seem wonderful to me.My sincere namaskar &love to all.

Rangoli: diwali rangoli

This rangoli was created by Aparna for diwali.Hope you like.

Rangoli: pongal rangoli
This rangoli was published on 2011-10-31.
Rangoli: Diwali 2011 - Rangoli Ireland(2)

Hi All

Attached is the prepared Rangoli painting for the Rangoli carpet i mentioned in the earlier post. I've made 5 such pieces for the display.


Rangoli: Meera-Krishna

My kolam is about meera dreaming about lord krishna.so he come & sit on her chitar.

Rangoli: diwali 2010

rangoli done with three types of colour podi and rava maavu as for the white part.done for last year diwali at my house porch.enjoy viewing;)Happy Diwali to all i-kolam members