Margazhi rangoli

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Beautiful rangolis and dotted kolam! Could you please upload rangolis as "rangoli design" and not as "photos"? :) We like to keep the freehand and the dotted designs separate, as much as possible. Also, just so you know, our members do not enjoy looking at chappals/shoes in the same frame next to rangolis. :bigsmile: :~ J)
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wow!!!wonderful collections...waiting to see more and more...
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nice kolams Annapoorni. you can download the pictures from camera to PC and edit and upload in the ikolam. You can edit the photo in Microsoft picture manager. Import kolam to pc open with Microsoft picture manager - go to pictures where you can see the menu, crop, resize etc., do everything and upload in Ikolam. Thanks for sharing your kolams.
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Awesome kolams from u annapoorni :)
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Wow...very nice collection of kolams annapoorni mam.
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These are my margazhi rangolis