How is it

:bigsmile: My two gr children.Nithila and Viswesh. Guess who is nithi and who is Viswesh?
How is it -


so sweet kutties! :~

cho chweet ,, r they twins?? 1st is viswesh 2nd one nithi???

From our left or right? :bigsmile:

wow!! cute kids...maduhariniji how ru? :..first one is Nithila..2nd one Viswesh. :D :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

First and second from which direction, Lakshmi? :bigsmile:

lata yes your guess also same..without makeup nithila,,,with makeup.. vishwesh... :D eargly waiting for the ans..madhuji... :bigsmile: :| :~ :~

My guess is the baby wearing white bindis over the eyebrows with a crown over the head is Viswesh.
And the baby with a slightly serious look who didn't need any makeup for the eyebrows is Nithila. :bigsmile:

They both look adorable in pretty red outfits. I can't wait to check back for the answers. :bigsmile:

Both are so very adorable and cute. Specially liked the right one with the tongue sticking out :p . My guess as Lata's.

Yes, I too agree with lata.First, who in serious thinking is nithi.The second one is vignesh.we are waiting for the answer.

very noughty kutties .nithi is one with showing her tongue am i right?

So cute and adorable kutties...the kid with make up is Nithila and the other one is Viswesh. :) cute kutties.... :love:

Latha u r correct, the first one is nithla and the 2nd one is viswesh.They are wearing the same dress,which is painted by me for nithy for her naming ceremony.