guess 12

Dear friends, sending herewith the cake made by me specially for you friends Condition:You can't eat this cake with spoon Quiz:how you are going to enjoy(eat) this cake ?
guess 12 -


Suguna Murugesan's picture

welcome back rekha mam.....such a beautiful rose flower Dirol but i have no idea mam Biggrin

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welcm back rekha mam,,, i would have been glad if u have given this cake tmrw to me ,, :party:
at present lets give it to lata who is missing for d past 15 days,,,,,WE ALL MIS IKOLAM 2222222222222MUCH

ammuchandhini's picture

Hi welcome back rekha mam....missed u a lottttt dear....first pl accept my BELATED B'DAY WISHES dear....hmmm coming to ur quiz...shd we just smell ur cake for its wonderful fragrance(lots of rose essence na)...hehe and enjoy tell us dear.... Wink

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

Uma is it your birthday then many many many happy returns of the day .If it is your anivesary then Happy aniversary dear .Please convey my message to your darling too .
Ammu it is not rose it is rose designed cake dear

umaraja's picture

thank u so much rekhamam,,, ya its my bday and anniversary,

vijaysowmya's picture

Hi welcome back with your guessing game...Very nice Rose cake Rekha mam..first of all I would never cut this wonderful cake...simple ... eat with a fork or hand... Wink Biggrin

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waw! Is this a Paper/rose cake? Rakha u have done it? I too donot want to cut it or eat it.Just admire its beauty.

anirudh's picture

wonderful....really wondering to eat it or not, but cannot save for long....hmmmm so, eat it with hand petal by petal :bigsmile:

dibbutn's picture

Hi Rekha maam, we missed you dear, so glad to have you back with us... Hmm dont know how i am going to eat it but I am relishing the beauty with my eyes :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Shibrudha's picture

PRetty Paper / rose cake Smile pl don't cut or eat it:) cherish it Smile

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

Anirudh,sowmya when u know that you can eat with hand or fork then why u have not finished it dear .waiting for some instructions...ah ah ...Hurry up Suguna,Rajjamma ,push ,uma, ammu shibudha please please finish it off this is made with lots of love for you friends jerry will join you soon
Uma happy aniversary dear .Convey my message to your darling raj

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wow nice one Rekha Mam Its like real rose..

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Rekha dear, as usual, started with your naughty games - GGJ.

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Rekhaji, atlast what is the answer for this Guessing game?

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Haha...maha its like vidamatten bommaayiiii....(i won't leave u until i know d vikram and vethal Blum 3 Wink )...yes jerriji...eagerly waiting to know d answer Smile

smahalakshmi's picture

Yes Rani, for how long can we wait without knowing the answer. After a long time i opened this link if the answers were already published by Dr Ji.But there is no response from her.

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Rekhaji i too interested to know what it is...Really wonderful... Smile