Attukal Pongala

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Trivandrum - India

Hi all my friends. Tommorrow is Attukal Pongala in Trivandrum Attukal Temple. This temple's festival has come in Guiness Books of World record for the most number of women putting pongala. By 10.15 am the potti in the temple will light the Kovil Aduppu and from that the fire will be distributed whole Trivandrum. One by one. Then by 02.15 pm the potti of the temple will pour water for Neivedyam for the Goddress which will also be put in all the Neivedyam in Trivandrum. This is such a huge festival. Trivandrum city will be filled by ladies from all over the Kerala not only Kerala, even from outside Kerala also ladies will come and do this Pongala. I have attached the Devi's picture and the pongala picture for all my members. Do come to Trivandrum and see these temples Attukal as well as our Main God Sree Padmanabha.


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thanks for sharing priya

thanks for sharing priya

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Thanks for sharing Priya..

Thanks for sharing Priya.. Smile

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Nice description about this

Nice description about this festival...thanks a lot for sharing priya... Smile

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thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing Smile