Simple 9 x 9 suzhi kolam

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vkusoe - India

This is the central portion of a big suzhi kolam.


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neat work chandy,

neat work chandy,

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WoW! Lovely strokes and

WoW! Lovely strokes and coloring.

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pretty with nice colors

pretty with nice colors

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Chandy though you have

Chandy though you have little space, nice to see you effectively use that to give us some elaborate kolams. Neat work and pretty colour trims Smile

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Kutti kolam neatly drawn

Kutti kolam neatly drawn and effective coloring done. Now adays we see Chikku kolamazhai in ikolam, one beating the other in beauty.i

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Very very pretty! Good

Very very pretty! Good colours and symmetry.

Regards! - mOhana

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Giving colour to this kolam

Giving colour to this kolam make it very charm

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sweet and cute..colour lines

sweet and cute..colour lines gives rich look to this..

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simple kolam looking very

simple kolam looking very good with ur line colouring....

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beautifully coloured cute

beautifully coloured cute kolam.

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wow gud one

wow gud one